CNY Bike Giveaway

During this summer we distributed over 700 bikes in some of our most impoverished neighborhoods in Syracuse and we repaired hundreds more. The repair trailer is fully equipped and stocked with bike parts and tools and will become a regular part of our summer giveaway program. We also use this opportunity to mentor the bike recipients on how to care for their bikes. We are servicing more families than usual due to the economy. We understand that the economy may have affected your ability to donate, but I am asking you to please donate. Our program is a registered charity and is tax-deductible.


Call Jan Maloff: (315) 446-7570

Buba- Gambia Education

Buba Bojang is a student in Gambia, West Africa, sponsored by our president Greg Hoover and a donation from SSRC. Buba is taking his final Exams to proceed to grade 12. Before President Greg’s effort Bubba had not been able to attend school for over 2 years. His father died from a snake bite some years ago. As much as it may not be too expensive to send Buba to school in Gambia, a little money (Delasi) goes a long way to educate Buba. As a procedure, 4 Rotarians namely Fatou Bin, Seedy Saho,  Dr.Sati Rahmon Martin Kareem, of the Banjuil & Fajara all from the Rotary Clubs of Gambia, visited both Buba’s school, his Principal, his family & his village. It looks like Buba is in good health and will progress into his 12th Grade. Thanks to Buba’s own very apparent spark of sincerely wanting to do what it takes to reach beyond his current poverty situation. Keep it up Buba...


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Blessed Sikhosana Foundation, Inc.
English Center In Coquimbo

The Mission of the Blessed Sikhosana Foundation, Inc. is to proactively engage and more effectively provide for the realization of basic health and educational resources to underprivileged girls and refugee families both in Syracuse NY and in the Chief Sigola Village in Bulawayo Zimbabwean through by funding the girls education and promoting health services. The Reverend Blessed Unami Sikhosana was just 11 years old when she had to walk alone from her home in the Mzilikazi African Township to the downtown city of Bulawayo to buy Asthma medicine for her ailing grandmother, who was raising her and her other five younger siblings. It was during the days of strict apartheid in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe)—a time when black people were not permitted to ride on buses or own cars. It was a challenging journey for the young black girl—but one that would change her life and that of others. “I will not turn my back on a child who needs school fees and their family cannot afford. My grandmother did it for me and I’m glad to paying forward. Thanks to SSRC for partnering with e in this endeavor”

Our Mission is to promote advocacy for and protection of persons with developmental disabilities throughout Central New York.  The Person to Person organization creates matches between advocates-community volunteers- and proteges- persons with developmental disabilities at risk of being devalued and physically and socially isolated because of their mental and/or physical disabilities.  With support from the Person to Person staff, matches between advocates and persons with developmental disabilities are often long-lasting friendships that incorporate advocacy which can range from informal to some level of legal responsibilities.  

For the past 16 years, On Point for College has helped more than 5,500 first-generation youth to get into college, stay there, and succeed afterwards. We help students find financial aid, fill out the forms, and get the resources to survive and succeed. We drive them to colleges, visit them to help them stay on track, and go to their graduations. And since 2008, we've helped them get jobs afterward. We started from the trunk of a car, in 1999.

The English center now has 400 registered students from impoverished families. The center is heavily involved in Pre-K and K education, dance, art, and drawing. The project started as “English Open Doors” but with the help of the Humanity Center, the Paul Harris Center and Rotarians in Coquimbo the center has now benefitted even more student as it continues to grow.​

Onpoint for College
Person To Person Citizen Advocacy